Première expo pour 2015, en espérant que ce ne soit pas la dernière!…
Pour celles et ceux qui auraient l’opportunité de passer, je serai de permanence le mardi 10 mars de 15h à 18h30…

expo copie



89 réflexions sur “EXPO

  1. Et au vernissage on y boit un coup?

    Quelques jours que je me promène sur ton blog que j’apprécie beaucoup, ton travail à travers les photos, le choix de tes titres ect…
    Un bémol cependant, certains choix musicaux: je me suis sauvée par exemple à l’écoute de Sex pistol!!!

    Je te souhaite bonnes expo et rencontres!

  2. Whose work are the two worried, very white, fellows?

    This is very soon. Have fun. I wish I could see the expressions on the faces of the art tourists. 😀 Put a recorder camera somewhere to catch those looks. 😉

      • … Tell guests, with a sign, that there is surveillance. It is too dishonest and sneaky and underhanded not to forewarn … 🙂 It would be more fun to sit in a comfy chair and watch from a corner, somewhere 😀

      • Yes, it is true that all of you beautiful people are visually demanding. Besides, you are the star ⭐ in the show.

        For myself, a hermit of many years, if I find myself in a room of strangers, and there is also something interesting educational .. such as sculpture .. I learn more about these strangers by watching them react and interact, than by superficial conversation which is designed to hide true self.

        I enjoy watching these small vignettes of people. I also enjoy watching how light passes across their faces, how they turn their heads or gesture with their hands, and how they react to the unexpected, how the way they hold their bodies says so much about personal history. I always learn something about myself, as well, though often I would rather not.

        To me, just for myself, it would be fun to watch culturally diverse peoples react to your, exposition expose’.

      • …. »Not That! » Hahaha!

        « Sensitive » … you do like for people to be looking at you, or you do not? I thought that only politicians liked for groups of people to be looking at them.

        But not to worry, your big smile is so charming, that I’m sure whoever sees it will be smiling also. Someone is a good photographer to capture that.

        … And you do like the interest that your carvings generate. 🙂

  3. Regards… J’aime bien le titre de cette expo, j’aime bien cette notion ‘plurielle’, il y a tant de façons de voir, de regarder les choses… Bonne chance !

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